Zheng En's Reflection

(1) Plenary Sessions

(A) My key learning points from each session...
1. Importance of Water - Dirty and Clean
2.Revolution of Microelectronics Technology
3.Innovative Breakthrough in Nano-Science and Nano-Teachnology
4. IT for Animation
5. Disappearing glaciers, rising sea levels, and why gravity is even more important than you think

(B) Deepest Impression...
After listening to all 5 plenary sessions, I find that the talk on the depletion of glaciers, rising sea levels, and how gravity affects it, was most interesting. I learnt that glaciers and other masses have a gravitational pull and when glaciers melts, the gravitational pull will be decreased and the sea levels will rise in other parts of the world which is usually regions further away from the source. I also learnt that masses will shift the solid surface and change the relative sea level. I find that this affects us indirectly and that we should find a way to preserve our earth.

(2) My Personal Reflection

1. I chose this project because I am interested in construction and design. Sadly, we are only allowed to reassemble the machine.
2. I helped in writing up the blog and participated in the assembly of the Automatic Waste Sorter.
3. We do not have sufficient time to complete the work needed to be done on the day itself. We also almost started to argue when we had difficulties trying to assemble the machine. Still, we found time during our tea break and lunch break and we had time to better work on the different components of our project. We also negotiated and agreed on a decision so that we could carry on with assembling the machine and completing our project.
4.Through this project, I discovered that constructing a product with many limitations is a challenge as there are many constrains that prevents us from diverging.
5. As an individual, I have learnt about the design pyramid, the definition of science and technology, the different types of design, product design stages and the technical design system. I also learnt that a design problem does not have a fixed solution and that by looking at the statistics of the problem, finding a solution would be much more easier.
6. I hope to get the chance to create different machines that will help improve the life of the people in the world.